Go the F to Sleep – A Bedtime Story For Parents.

Go The Fuck To Sleep is an Illustrated bedtime story that you don’t actually want your kids to read. The book is the creation of Author Adam Mansbach, who came up with the idea for the book as a joke, after spending over two hours one night trying to get his two year old daughter to go to sleep. Exhausted and frustrated Mansbach posted a Facebook comment stating the new title of his new children’s book, “Go the — to Sleep”. Mansbach’s friends appreciated his humor and following an enthusiastic response, he decided to actually start writing the book and in listed the help of his friend, Ricardo Cortes to create the illustrations.
go the fuck to sleep
What makes the book so unique is how an unpublished adults children’s book filled with profanity managed to reach the top of the Amazon sales list so quickly. I think the key to the books success is that it really sums up the generally unsaid thoughts and feelings of frustrated parents with little children around that dreaded time of day – bedtime. According to an interview from Wire.co.uk with Adam Mansbach, the book went from being un-ranked on the Amazon book sales list to number 125 almost overnight, after he did a book reading at the Arts Salon in Philadelphia on 23rd of April. The reading sparked a wave of hype and social media responses, with only the title, cover and a small excerpt listed online the book had managed to reach number 2 on Amazon.

The book was then pirated into a pdf’s and published online. The bootleged copies started to circulate the internet which interesting seemed to generate more interest and funnel more people to Amazon to actually purchase the book. People read the digital bootleg copy and decided it was must have item. People wanted the physical book to keep or give as gifts – What better gift to give a stressed out parents than a book that reminds you that you are not alone and to take a step back and laugh at the situation? Realizing that most parents get frustrated and annoyed in the middle of the night when you simply can’t get your kids back to sleep (or to sleep in the first place). We’ve all been there.

The book was due to be released in October 2011, but it had hit the number 1 spot on the Amazon’s best sellers list on May The publishing date was moved forward to June and the publishing company increased the first run to 150,000 copies. It’s interesting to see how a concept on Facebook became an Amazon best seller almost over night with the power of viral marketing and social media online.

Interview by Wired.co.uk with the Author Adam Mansbach

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