Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

The book got some publicity on The David Letterman Show when Samuel L. Jackson read an excerpt from the book. You can tell from the audiences reaction that this book definitely hits home.

Samuel L. Jackson has to be one of the greatest choices for the narrator of the audio version of the book, he expresses such a great range of emotions, but it has attracted several other celebrities to do some readings. The German Film director Werner Herzog did a reading at the official book launch at the New York Public Library. Kevin Pollak impersonated Christoper Walken on his show in his version of Mansbach’s book and the Australian actress Noni Hazlehurst who used to be on Play School offered to do a recording after being sent a copy by the publishing company.

This is a pretty funny full reading, it just has something to do with the genuine care we have for our children but the fact that our inner frustration and adult profanity are subtly coming out at the same time. I think Noni does a great job.

The book has even been used to wind up Grandma, this is cute, Grandma does a good job of keeping it together.

The book has generally gained positive reviews, as most people with kids just get it. The main criticism seems to be that its adding vulgarity into mainstream American culture, but would the book be as popular if it wasn’t making light of what most parents are already thinking and this doesn’t even come close to cartoons, generally a child’s genre, such as South Park?

The book was based on an actual children’s book ‘It’s Time to Sleep, My Love’ by Eric Metaxas and Nancy Tillman. Metaxas states “It’s funny, but it’s just wrong.” He seems to be saddened that people will now think of his lullaby as a joke. I feel both versions work for the for their intended audience. It’s sure gonna make reading ‘It’s Time to Sleep, My Love’ for the third time more enjoyable for me. What are your thoughts?

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