Stephen Fry Reads You Have To F***ing Eat

This is a real treat. Stephen Fry is in countless movies and TV shows, but is probably best known right now for being in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.

Here he reads You have to F***ing Eat, Adam Mansbach’s new and awesome book! I think he lends it a certain cultured refinement. Plus his swearing is world-class.


LeVar Burton Reads Go The Fuck to Sleep



A very special reading of Go the Fuck to Sleep by the actor who famously portrayed Starfleet scientist Geordi LaForge in Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Go the Fuck to Sleep, Soon to be a Movie?

Since this book clocks in at under 40 pages it’s going to be interesting to see how they turn it into a movie.

Other Short Books and Short Stories that Have Been Turned into Notable Feature Length Movies Movies

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Go the Fuck to Sleep Read By Adam Mansbach & Lyrics Born

As read by the man himself.


Morgan Freeman Reads Go The Fuck to Sleep

This is a very special reading of Go the Fuck to Sleep. You can tell that Mr. Freeman finds it to be particularly funny. It’s hard not to laugh along with him!

Just goes to show this book is a delight to adults and kids alike.


Go the Fuck to Sleep as Read by Samuel L. Jackson

Go The F*k to Sleep reading by Samuel L. Jackson from Nightmare Fuel on Vimeo.

Samuel L. Jackson presents a touching rendition of the classic Adam Mansbach tale.

His sensitivity moves me, and the way he uses profanities is akin to a master geisha’s elegant fanwork.


Go the F to Sleep – A Bedtime Story For Parents.

Go The Fuck To Sleep is an Illustrated bedtime story that you don’t actually want your kids to read. The book is the creation of Author Adam Mansbach, who came up with the idea for the book as a joke, after spending over two hours one night trying to get his two year old daughter to go to sleep. Exhausted and frustrated Mansbach posted a Facebook comment stating the new title of his new children’s book, “Go the — to Sleep”. Mansbach’s friends appreciated his humor and following an enthusiastic response, he decided to actually start writing the book and in listed the help of his friend, Ricardo Cortes to create the illustrations.
go the fuck to sleep
What makes the book so unique is how an unpublished adults children’s book filled with profanity managed to reach the top of the Amazon sales list so quickly. I think the key to the books success is that it really sums up the generally unsaid thoughts and feelings of frustrated parents with little children around that dreaded time of day – bedtime. According to an interview from Wire.co.uk with Adam Mansbach, the book went from being un-ranked on the Amazon book sales list to number 125 almost overnight, after he did a book reading at the Arts Salon in Philadelphia on 23rd of April. The reading sparked a wave of hype and social media responses, with only the title, cover and a small excerpt listed online the book had managed to reach number 2 on Amazon.

The book was then pirated into a pdf’s and published online. The bootleged copies started to circulate the internet which interesting seemed to generate more interest and funnel more people to Amazon to actually purchase the book. People read the digital bootleg copy and decided it was must have item. People wanted the physical book to keep or give as gifts – What better gift to give a stressed out parents than a book that reminds you that you are not alone and to take a step back and laugh at the situation? Realizing that most parents get frustrated and annoyed in the middle of the night when you simply can’t get your kids back to sleep (or to sleep in the first place). We’ve all been there.

The book was due to be released in October 2011, but it had hit the number 1 spot on the Amazon’s best sellers list on May The publishing date was moved forward to June and the publishing company increased the first run to 150,000 copies. It’s interesting to see how a concept on Facebook became an Amazon best seller almost over night with the power of viral marketing and social media online.

Interview by Wired.co.uk with the Author Adam Mansbach


Go The Fuck To Sleep

Have you heard of the book Go The Fuck To Sleep? Think of it as the perfect “bedtime story” book for adults. It’s pretty much a parody of the books parents have to read for their toddlers most evenings as they are trying to get them to go to bed. If you have young children you’ll know how hard it can be to get them to settle down for the night. They’ll try everything so they won’t have to sleep – ask you to get another stuffed animal, glass of water or have you read multiple bedtime stories. Of course, you love your kids, but after a long day, this is probably something you don’t want to deal with or simply have the patience to deal with, right?

Go The Fuck To Sleep is essentially a satire of the stuff parents have to go through with their kids almost every night. In reality, your children are really just trying to delay their bedtime, we know this but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. If you have children, you’ll know exactly what it’s like. You’ll most likely “get it” in terms of the book’s humor. Unless your kids happen to be perfect (I wish) and go to bed on time when asked, then you probably won’t relate to many of the things referred to in Adam Mansbach’s comedic literature.

In the end, Go The Fuck to Sleep is really just a great sense of relief and a source for a great laugh. It’ll help you ease off some stress that you experience with your kids on top of your work and other daily responsibilities. You’ll also appreciate the fact that you’re not the only parent going through these kinds of things. While you make it seem like taking care of your kids is always a job you love in front of friends and family, secretly inside you get annoyed and frustrated. It happens to pretty much all parents out there.

Even as you’re dying from laughter reading Go The Fuck to Sleep, you’ll realize that you truly do love your kids. There’s nothing else out there that compares and you would do anything for them. Books like these are simply an escape that gives you a different perspective on the whole job of parenting. Rather than making you feel more annoyed, the book shows you not to make a big deal out of all the little things. You get a better understanding of why your kids keep delaying sleep and why they keep playing all these games with your parenting attempts.

Go The Fuck To Sleep allows you just to let loose and laugh about all the things you have to go through when dealing with your kids. To make things even funnier, check out the audiobook version. Why is that? Samuel L. Jackson is the narrator! You have to hear it.

If you’re a parent who doesn’t mind cursing and wants an injection of humor that pokes fun of some of the frustrations of parenting, then you’ll find Go The Fuck To Sleep absolutely hilarious. Its one of those books that you’ll remember as you read your sickly sweet lullaby nursery rhymes to your little ones and secretly laugh and remember to not take it all so seriously. Sure made some of my night time story session more entertaining.


Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

The book got some publicity on The David Letterman Show when Samuel L. Jackson read an excerpt from the book. You can tell from the audiences reaction that this book definitely hits home.

Samuel L. Jackson has to be one of the greatest choices for the narrator of the audio version of the book, he expresses such a great range of emotions, but it has attracted several other celebrities to do some readings. The German Film director Werner Herzog did a reading at the official book launch at the New York Public Library. Kevin Pollak impersonated Christoper Walken on his show in his version of Mansbach’s book and the Australian actress Noni Hazlehurst who used to be on Play School offered to do a recording after being sent a copy by the publishing company.

This is a pretty funny full reading, it just has something to do with the genuine care we have for our children but the fact that our inner frustration and adult profanity are subtly coming out at the same time. I think Noni does a great job.

The book has even been used to wind up Grandma, this is cute, Grandma does a good job of keeping it together.

The book has generally gained positive reviews, as most people with kids just get it. The main criticism seems to be that its adding vulgarity into mainstream American culture, but would the book be as popular if it wasn’t making light of what most parents are already thinking and this doesn’t even come close to cartoons, generally a child’s genre, such as South Park?

The book was based on an actual children’s book ‘It’s Time to Sleep, My Love’ by Eric Metaxas and Nancy Tillman. Metaxas states “It’s funny, but it’s just wrong.” He seems to be saddened that people will now think of his lullaby as a joke. I feel both versions work for the for their intended audience. It’s sure gonna make reading ‘It’s Time to Sleep, My Love’ for the third time more enjoyable for me. What are your thoughts?


Adam Mansbach

Adam Mansbach has become an internationally recognized name due to his latest book, Go the Fuck To Sleep. It has created a serge of interest and become one of the most talked about books of the decade. Why? This book became an internet viral sensation and soared to the top of the Amazon bestsellers chart months before it’s actual publication. This is a profane, but honest tongue-in-cheek bedtime book for parents who live in the real world, where the normal cutesy nursery rhymes just don’t cut it in sending your little ones blissfully off to sleep.

Adam Mansbach’s unique and talented writing has won him various accolades from different states. He has become a great example of realism literature in modern American culture. His books bring out the honest and deliberate truth with original concepts that seem to drive home every point.

Adam Mansbach Bestselling Books

Adam Mansbach is an exquisite author capable of grasping each mood intended and portraying it with detail, clarity and in some cases great humor. Creating readable and compelling pieces that will keep you titally engaged. Adam Mansbach writes with a new form of originality and perspective that has had every book enthusiast making purchases on the Amazon.

1. ‘Go The Fk To Sleep’

This is the latest sensation that has become a bestseller because of its brutal and honest truth portrayed about parents who have had a hard time in putting their small children to sleep. It has a special and unique humor that will remind you to take a step back and laugh at those exhausting moments with your children who simply refuse to go to sleep.
Published in over 30 languages, ‘Go The Fuck To Sleep’ has earned the prestigious status of being the number one New York Times bestseller and entertaining stressed out parents everywhere. Its popularity is a sure sign that we are not alone in our parenting frustrations.

2. ‘End of The Jews’

Explores the possibility of Jewish wishing they were black in a skillful way. Its portrayal of cultural identity and the art of love are extremely compelling. ‘End of The Jews’ has had its fair share of awards having won the 2008 California Book Award and is also listed for the IMPAC Dublin prize.

3. ‘Angry Black White Boy’

Set in the 21st Century, this extremely funny novel based on pop culture, violence and culture identity has been taught in more than 80 Universities and adapted into a winning stage play.
The book depicts a sub urban white boy possessed with the idea of black culture and rage towards the white America. This unique and original concept has earned Adam Mansbach the title of San Francisco Chronicles Best book of 2005, an honorable citation from the Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book awards and the Best New Play in 2008 by San Francisco Chronicles and San Francisco Examiner.

4. ‘Shackling Water’

The latest model of American literature, this brilliant novel evokes intricate moods of jazz and hip hop in a very familiar way. ‘Shackling Water’ is all about a struggling artist who strives to overcome his lack of artistic concept and eventual self destruction.
This book has also received numerous positive reviews from the New York Times, African American Book club, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Washington Post and numerous others.

5. ‘Genius B-Boy Cynics Getting Weeded in the Garden of Delights’

An extremely witty collection of contemporary poems with unique and well chosen, illustrated topics ranging from academia, art of love, race, family concepts, consumerism, culture and religion, jazz and his most popular hip hop. His poem writing style is crucially honest, original and quite compelling.

6. ‘A Fictional History of the United States with Huge Chunks Missing’

This anthology of original short stories which he co edited with T-Cooper focuses on America’s commitment to seek the truth even if the truth happens to be revealed in a fictional way. Adam Mansbach captures and re tells the bitter American history in a fictional and captivating way to make book enthusiasts yearn for more.


Adam Mansbach is the recipient of the Ford Foundation’s Aesthetics Artist Grant, and is also the founding editor of the Pioneer 1990’s Hip hop Journal Elementary.
Adam Mansbach fictional writings and essays have been printed in the New York Times book review, New York Times Sunday magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Times of London, The Believer, Esquire, N+1, National Radio’s ‘All Things Considered’ and the GQ.
Adam Mansbach
Adam Mansbach resides in Berkeley California though he makes numerous trips to lecture college campuses across the country.
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